The Search page: Exploring your documents

This article explains how to use the Search page to find search terms within your documents.

The Search page allows you to search the documents in your workspace for specific words and phrases.

From your workspace, the Search page can be accessed by clicking on the Search tab.

Searching for words and phrases

In the top-centre of the Search page you will find the Search box.

The Search box on the Search page.

To search your documents for a particular term, enter this term into the Search box and click on the Search button, located directly to the right.

A list of documents containing the search term will then be displayed on the page. You can type in a single word, a string of words, or a phrase into the Search box. To search for an entire phrase, you must enclose this phrase within quotation marks.

Search results are displayed alphabetically by document title. The page number of the occurrence of the search term, and the fragment of text containing this occurrence are displayed underneath the title of each document.

The search results display the title of the documents containing the search term, the page numbers on which the term occurs, and the text fragments which contain the term.

Navigating to a document

Once your search results are displayed, you can navigate to any of the listed documents in a number of ways:

Clicking on the document title will open the document in a new tab on the first page of the document.

Clicking on the page number will open the document in a new tab on the selected page.

Clicking on the text fragment in which the search term occurs will cause the page containing this fragment to appear in the Document Preview window on the Search page. The text fragment will be underlined in green. Clicking on the Document Preview window will open this document on the currently displayed page in a new tab.

Clicking on a text fragment causes the page containing this fragment to appear in the preview 

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