Applying custom properties to your documents

Once you have applied your document type to a document, you can set the custom properties for this document.

There are two ways you can set the custom properties of a document type.


a) From the Documents page, right-click on your document and select the Custom Properties... option.


b) From Document View, click the Custom Properties button on the Toolbar.

Both of these methods will open the Custom Properties dialog box.

The Custom Properties dialog box.

If a document type has not been assigned to your document, the dialogue box will not display any custom properties. The Document Type section will display 'No type set'.

If no document type has been applied to your document, the Custom Properties dialog will display 'No type set'.

You can apply a document type from the Custom Properties dialog box by clicking on the Change button. This will open the Document Type dialogue box, which allows you to apply a document type to the document as described in the article, Applying a document type to a document.

If a document type has been applied to your document, the Custom Properties dialog box will display the custom property types which you included in that document type. Enter your preferred values into each custom property field. Click Save to apply these properties to your document.

You can view both the document type applied to your documents and the values set as custom properties by clicking on the Details button on the Documents page.

Click on the Details button to display the document types and custom properties that have been applied to your documents.

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