What are annotations?

Annotations are notes which are attached to passages of text or images in your documents. There are several types of annotation that can be applied to your documents. For example, you can apply various styles of text-highlights and highlight-boxes; you can create freehand annotations; you can add images and text in Comment Boxes; you can create links between documents within a workspace; and you can create hyperlinks to webpages outside of Annotate.co.

An example of a simple annotation might look something like this:

An example of an annotation

Every annotation has 2 parts to it: a highlight marked on the document, and an annotation box, which can contain user-written comments and additional information about the annotation, such as its author, its recipients, and the time and date it was created.

To create an annotation, you must first open a document in Document View and highlight a section of your document.

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    Cheryl Richard
    What are annotations? The purpose of the article is to give a clear insight into what annotations are and how they can become useful. Research questions: what are annotations and how do you use them? What are some different types of annotations? How are annotations created? The author’s purpose is to give a simplistic analysis to what are annotations. The author gave examples and detailed explanations to support his purpose.
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    Shane Magness
    This article did a great job at explaining what annotations are and how the system is used. I fee that using this program can help a great deal with keeping track of the different areas of a document, and can be helpful when compiling information. The author shows how to highlight parts and then add text boxes to give meaning to those highlighted parts.
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    Barbara Morgan
    Highlighting text and inserting annotation/comment boxes with notes or links to complementary readings offers the same notetaking process to online materials that we have found helpful in printed/hardcopy materials. I'm most grateful for this addition to online research tools.
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    Carla Pennington
    What are annotations? Annotations are helpful "post its" that can be placed within an article that is easy for a researcher to reference while collecting information to support their literature review. The annotations can include the author's, name, date and time of annotation. Various forms of annotations include free-hand, text-highlighting, highlighting boxes, image boxes, or include an image/ text in the comment boxes. Also hyperlinks to additional resources can be included in an annotation.
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    Leslie M. Gross

    This seems like a great tool. I like that I can highlight text and then a text box also appears. The text box will be helpful to add additional insights or questions you may have about something that was read in the text. This will be helpful for quickly locating information. Images can also be added.

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    Jo Co

    Dear Doctor Diane Gavin and Classmates greetings.
    I am Joseph Escobar, majoring the program of a doctor of management in organizational leadership.
    The topic was on annotations, which purpose was to teach the doctoral students to make annotations on the electronic papers pertinent to the doctoral program at the University of Phoenix through eCampus (Dhar, 2015). The Research question was, What are annotations? (Dhar, 2015). Dhar (2015) explained step by step how to make annotations on electrotonic pages mentioned above, which imply the editing utility of electronic annotations that are necessary for the professors feedbacks. Dhar (2015) introduced the literature pertinent to the making of annotation in electronic paper, which are a fundamental feature of the eCampus teaching-learning activities at the University of Phoenix.

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    Toni Ann

    Toni Ann Silvestro
    Annotations are notes placed on documents. Personalized comment boxes are placed on documents from the document view by highlighting the information to be annotated. Time stamped annotations can be hyperlinked to websites.

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    Kathleen Lester

    An annotation is a note attached to a text adjacent to a highlighted section and may include anything from a personal note to a hyperlink. Images may be included or the annotation may even be freehand. This feature can be very useful if someone outside the text like a student, teacher, or editor must receive communication.

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    Barbara Valentine

    An annotation is a note attached to a highlighted text or passages in a document that allows the author to provide additional relevant information for the reader. These notes can also be linked to websites.

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    Shai Harris

    Annotate.co is a tool that provides a guide on how to apply annotation notes. Annotations can be helpful when conducting research. We are able to mark and highlight an important section and add comments to keep us focus and relevant on the criteria.

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    Bob Candland

    Annotate Support provides digital tools to annotate or memorialize research notes. There are various possibilities as needed. They include but are not limited to highlight-boxes, freehand, images and text. Link creation between documents within a workspace plus adding hyperlinks to webpages form the ether is possible. Annotation entry is a two-step process; document highlight and annotation box, containing user-written comments plus other data. Open document view and highlight a section.

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    Jalisca Thomason

    Annotate.co offers a unique way to store and organize electronic literature sources. Many of the tools available to enhance critical analysis of text are similar to what we use outside the virtual platform. The organized notations will help a scholar refer back to pertinent information as they are developing a literature review.

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    Michelle Khatib

    The article's purpose is to provide a clear understanding of an annotation. Annotations are notes that can be attached to a document. When reading a paper, it is helpful to attach notes for later review. Annotation.co offers annotation electronically providing convenience to a researcher. There are several ways of creating an annotation to documents such as highlighting, freehand notes, an addition of images and text through the comment boxes, and links to documents and the work area provided by Annotate.co.

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    Kimberly Anderson

    Being such a visual learner, using Annotate.co will be a very useful tool for highlighting and color coding specific key concepts and ideas of information in which to refer back to at a later date. Additionally, by using the comment box feature, one can create links between documents, hyperlinks to webpages, or to other pieces of information that may be germane to the research topic. This is an excellent tool to keep yourself organized, focused, and on track with your materials.

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    Steven Campas

    Annotate.co offers the student various methods of capturing important text or images in a document. Annotate.co is a user friendly environment that permits the user to highlight information within a workspace and share between users. The information is color coded, dated, and time stamped. One of the many features is the ability to organize the annotated data and retain it for future use.

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    Joan Roberts

    Annotate.co presented a description of annotations and several ways to access texts by using text highlight and highlight boxes to add images and comments.

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    Carlos Flores

    Annotate.co is a virtual environment that offers students an opportunity to capture important text or images in uploaded documents. This will serve as a place to hold important articles and the ability to highlight important passages pertinent to our research.

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    Roberto M. Loo

    What are annotation?
    Annotation is what is used for the embedding notes, remarks, and ect within that passage or literature that the individual is reading or analyzing. This will be helpful for finding what is needed within that passage that applies towards the individual’s research. The purpose of the article is to give the reader an additional tool for the purpose of maintaining a library of resource for whenever completing his or her research. The articles that are related to the section gives the reader a better understanding of how to use the different accessories or additional tools that the programs offer.