Replying to an annotation

If you are on the recipients list for an annotation, then you can reply to this annotation.

Click on the annotation that you wish to apply to and the grey tab will appear above it. Select Reply from the tab. This will prompt the Reply dialog box to appear.

Clicking Reply on the grey tab above an annotation will prompt the Reply dialog box to appear.

Type your reply into the textbox in the Reply dialog box. Just like annotations, you can choose which users and groups are able to view your reply by selecting from the To drop-down menu. Once you are happy with your reply, click the Save button. The annotation will display how many replies have been added to it.

Annotations display the number of replies they have received.

You can view these replies by clicking on the Expand arrow. Clicking on a reply will prompt a second grey tab to appear, from which you can edit or delete your reply.

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