Resolving and reopening annotations

If you are on the recipients list for an annotation, and your role includes the Resolve notes capability, you can mark annotations as resolved.

Click on an annotation to access the grey tab. Then select Resolve. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to resolve the annotation. Click OK to confirm, or click Cancel if you change your mind.

Once you resolve an annotation, it will no longer appear on your document. However, you can view resolved annotations by clicking on the Notes button on the Toolbar at the top of your document. This will open the Notes layer, which displays all annotations on the current document.

All annotations on your current document - including those which have been resolved - can be viewed by clicking on the Notes button on the Toolbar.

To view all the annotations in your entire workspace, you must navigate to the Notes page, which can be accessed through the Home page.

From the Notes layer, to view the resolved annotations on your current document, make sure that the either the Include Resolved Notes or Show only Resolved Notes checkboxes are ticked in the Filter.

Resolved annotations can be viewed in the Notes layer.

You can reopen your resolved annotations by first clicking on an annotation and then selecting Reopen from the grey tab. Reopened annotations will be made visible on your document.

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