Creating a document type

Document types can be created from the document types tab on the Admin page.

The Document types tab can be found on the Admin page.

To create a new document type, click on the New document type... button. This will open the Document types dialogue box.

The Document type dialog box contains a large number of fields with which to customise your document type.

The Document type dialog box contains a large number of options for creating your document type.

First, you must give your document type a name. You can also add a brief description of the characteristics or purpose of the document type.

In the Access section, you can select which actions other users are permitted to perform on the documents to which the type is applied. For example, you can choose whether users are permitted to download the document or add their own annotations. You can also choose which user will be the default addressee for annotations.

The Custom Properties section allows you to select the specific properties which will be applied to all documents of the type. When you first open the Document type dialog box, this section will include a blank table with two columns.

To add custom properties, click on the Add field button in the top-right of the dialog box. This will add a new row to the table, which includes a Name field and a Type drop-down menu.

Click on the Add field button to add a new row to the Custom Properties table.

From the Type drop-down menu, you can choose from a range of types for your custom property.

Custom property types

There are several different types of custom property which you can include in your document type. These include Text, Extended Text, User Selection, Tag Selection, Date, Number, and Document.

The Type drop-down menu allows you to choose from a range of types for your custom property.

The Text, Extended Text, Date, Number, and Document custom property types merely require that you give them a name. However, the User Selection and Tag Selection property types require that you make some additional choices.

User Selection

If you choose the User Selection type, you can choose whether to tick the Notify the selected user checkbox. If you tick this box, then a user will receive an email every time a document is assigned to her using the document type.

Tick the Notify the selected user checkbox if you would like users to be notified when documents are assigned to them.

Tag Selection

If you choose the Tag Selection type, you will be asked to add Document Tags by clicking on the Pick Tags button.

The Tag Selection type requires you to pick Document Tags.

Once you have selected what type of property you would like to add to your document type, you can give it a name.

You can add as many custom properties to a document type as you wish. Once you are happy with your custom property selections, click Apply to create your document type.

To find out more about Document Tags, see the article Document and Note Tags.

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