Freehand annotations

In addition to creating text-highlights and highlight-boxes, you can also add freehand annotations to your documents.

To create freehand annotations, click on the Freehand Drawing button on the Toolbar on the Documents page.

The Freehand Notes dialog box will appear. This dialog box contains a number of options for creating freehand annotations. You can choose between the Straight Line Tool and the Freeform Line Tool, and you can choose from a range of line thicknesses and colours.

The Freehand Notes dialog contains a number of options for creating freehand annotations.

To create freehand annotations, simply drag your cursor across your document. When you release the left mouse button, the Annotation Editor will appear. You can add further lines to your freehand annotation while the Annotation Editor is open. Just like regular highlights, you can add comments to the Annotation Box of your freehand annotations.

A freehand annotation created with the Straight Line Tool.

A freehand annotation created with the Freeform Line Tool.

Once you are happy what you have drawn, click the Save button.

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  • Avatar
    Shane Magness
    The author explains in this article that freehand annotations can be made by clicking on the freehand notes dialog box. I do not believe that this is a tool that I would use, but the author explained how to use it well and it is an option for students to use.
  • Avatar
    Barbara Morgan
    I'm not sure when I would use this feature, but I'll return and review it after some use of to see if it has a place in my note taking activity.
  • Avatar
    Carla Pennington
    I will not use this tool. I like for all of my work to be organized and color-coded, therefore this option would be annoying to me, almost reminding me of SnapChat (social media). I understand everyone has a creative side to them and if this tool keeps someone interested in the materials they are reading, I say go for it. The article is explained nicely, but I do not see the relevance of this tool. Just my thoughts.
  • Avatar
    Leslie M. Gross

    Freehand annotations is an option for someone who likes to mark things up. I am not sure if I would use this feature, as it is not as neat as typewritten words. But it is nice that this option is available for those who prefer this style.

  • Avatar
    Kathleen Lester

    Access the freehand drawing button on the toolbar from the documents page. The Freehand Notes dialog box will appear and offer a selection of freehand features. An annotation box will appear beside the freehand features the user chooses to draw. Any comments may be added.

  • Avatar
    Barbara Valentine

    This tool allows a writer to use a freehand option to actually draw something out and include it in the annotation. This is an interesting feature, although I'm not sure when i would actually use it.

  • Avatar
    Shai Harris

    Freehand annotations create freehand drawing on the documents page. You can add further lines to your freehand annotation while the annotation editor is open. Just like regular highlights, you can add comments to the annotation box of your freehand annotations.

  • Avatar
    Bob Candland

    Freehand annotations are possible for documents; select freehand drawing, select the desired option. In addition, there is an option for straight-line tool and freeform line tool including custom line size and color. For freehand drag the cursor and release the left mouse button, the annotation editor presents. Adding more lines is possible while annotation editor is open. Add comments if desired. Then save when ready.

  • Avatar
    Jalisca Thomason

    With respect to all sorts of users, offers the freehand annotation option, where the text can be marked outside a designated area and in any way.

  • Avatar
    Michelle Khatib offers freehand annotation. The freehand drawing function once clicked opens a dialog box that contains various selections on freehand annotation. There are various tools to select from such as the Straight Line Tool and Freeform Line Tool. Colors and thickness is also a customized preference available.

  • Avatar
    Kimberly Anderson continues to surprise the user with various sorts of features. One such feature is the Freehand Drawing option. This allows the user to add freehand annotations to your documents. This features feels like that you can just write in the book or on your document itself. Again, you can use colors to express your desired thoughts, clues, or ideas to come back to and focus on later. Other users can see your freehand work as well.

  • Avatar
    Steven Campas provides the user the ability to create text-highlighted boxes in which freehand annotations can be added to documents. Features include a straight line tool where the user can determine the thickness of the lines and colors. To apply freehand annotations the user simply drags the cursor across the document with the mouse. The user releases the left mouse button. The annotation editor will appear, the user simply selects the pen icon, and enters the proper design in the annotation box.

  • Avatar
    Carlos Flores

    I can also create freehand annotations so that I can use my writing or create straight line annotations with the tools editor. this can serve as a way to make quick annotations using free form writing when making quick notes. Otherwise you can type in your notes in the annotation editor.

  • Avatar
    Roberto M. Loo

    Freehand annotations is an additional tool that the author gives. I think this will have required additional tools, software, and other peripheral items to make this function work. I will most likely will not be using this feature, but the author gives instruction of how to use this feature.